Soil Remediation

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Our commitment to fostering a sustainable environment includes restoring our soils.


PV Waste Solutions operates a soil bio-remediation facility located 6 km west of Regina at the BEST Land Farm.  Our facility is authorized through permits from Saskatchewan Environment to accept and treat contaminated soils in specially designed treatment cells.  The mission of PV Waste Solutions is to serve the industry in Regina and surrounding areas through a locally owned and operated company that provides value and efficiency in the remediation of all impacted soils.


Soil Remediation Treatment Technology

We utilize landfarming and bioremediation treatment technologies to remediate hydrocarbon contaminated soils delivered to our facility.  Our treatment process uses naturally occurring microorganisms (fungi and/or bacteria) to break down, or degrade, hazardous substances into less toxic or nontoxic substances.  Soil normally contains large numbers of diverse microorganisms including bacteria, algae, fungi, protozoa, and actinomycetes.  Microorganisms eat and digest organic substances for nutrients and energy.  In chemical terms, “organic” compounds are those that contain carbon and hydrogen atoms.  Certain microorganisms can digest organic substances such as fuels or solvents and break down the organic contaminants into harmless products — mainly carbon dioxide and water.


For hydrocarbon contaminated soils, please fill out the Customer Waste Approval Form below and email it to 


For questions about other materials and contaminants that may be accepted, please contact us.



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