Scrap Metal

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Metals are the most recyclable materials in our economy and can be recycled repeatedly without any change in the properties of the metal.


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Scrap Metal Disposal Bins

Our disposal bins come in a variety of sizes to suit your scrap metal recycling needs and our same day service can have your bin weighed, emptied and returned for your convenience.  We also have flat-deck and low-bed services to haul your larger pieces away and get you the best price possible for your scrap. Weigh scale tickets can be provided along with a tracking system to make sure your tonnage and bins are being properly scaled and recorded.  Give us a call and we will get your scrap metal recycling system underway!

Estate Clean Ups

Many people in the position of managing an estate clean up are surprised to find out how much of the material is recyclable.  Especially when dealing with a “collector”.  Landfill charges can be the most expensive part of a bin rental and are unavoidable when items are landfilled.  Scrap metal is one of the most recyclable products and we have more of it in our homes than we know!  Bikes, patio furniture, appliances, extension cords, pots and pans and that’s just the beginning.  Give our staff a call and find out exactly what you can recycle and  how much money you can save when you divert those items.