Organic Collection

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You Asked for it, and We’re Going to Deliver

yard-waste-bagsRegina, you’ve been asking and we’re ready to deliver… or should we say pick up. Ha! Beginning May 1, 2016 our team of Waste Diversion Specialists will be rolling out (no pun intended) our curbside organic collection program. We’ve been composting leaf and yard waste through  the City of Regina depot programs for years and are now ready to expand our operation and provide the City of Regina residents and business with an opportunity to live and act a little greener. Our organic collections program is specifically designed to meet the needs of our growing city. Much like your backyard compost bin but a bit bigger and a whole lot better.


We’ll Equip You With Everything You Need

You will be provided with a kitchen food waste container, a 4-gallon curbside bin and one years’ supply of compostable bags/liners for your bins.

Kitchen ContainerKitchen Caddy

Put your kitchen waste container in a convenient place. Some people keep it on their kitchen counter while others prefer under the sink. Place your compostable liner bag (supplied) inside the container. Empty your food waste directly in to the liner bag. When the liner bag is full tie it closed and place it in your curbside pick up bin.


Curbside Bin

The 4-gallon curbside green bin should be used to store food waste from the kitchen container and will be set on your front step for weekly collection. Store the curbside green bin in a convenient location. You will line the bin with the liner provided. The liner/bag will be collected from your bin on pick up day. If you have an extra bag/liner full of food waste please leave that beside curbside container. On collection day lock the lid and place the green bin and its contents on the step/front door area by 8:00 am.

Place These Items in Your Green Bin

Food waste – All fruit and vegetable waste, bread, rice, pasta, coffee grounds, filters, tea bags and eggshells.
Leaf and yard waste – Please leave leaf and yard waste in brown
paper bags along side your green bin for pick up.
Paper Fibre
– Paper egg cartons, paper bags, compostable (must be marked compostable) cups, plates, napkins, cutlery, newspaper, etc.organics bin
Other compostable materials – house plants, flowers, sawdust, and wood shavings, dryer lint,  and vacuum contents.


Do Not Place These Items in Your Green Bin

Aluminum foil, baby wipes, bandages, clothing/textiles, coffee cups (unless marked compostable), diapers, hygiene products, glass, gum, kitty litter, metal, oils, pet waste, plastic bags, or twist ties