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IMG_3780Dave Wellings- Head Honcho

Dave is a jack of all trades.  From gravel hauling to road building to mining for gold Dave has done it all! He has always been a passionate participant in every challenge he takes on and is extra excited about his latest adventure with the Bandit Beast 3680 Recycler.  He loves his equipment like a woman loves shoes.  Dave  operates  the Bandit Recycler at PV Waste Solutions.  This piece of equipment is every guys dream and the ultimate recycler when it comes to Construction and Demolition Waste recycling and composting.  In his spare time Dave loves fishing, hanging out at the cabin and spending time with his family. You can contact Dave at d.wellings@sasktel.net


karen allan pv waste solutionsKaren Allan – Waste Solutions Specialist- Environmental Education
In June of 2009 Karen Allan set out to conquer the world of disposal.  With 1 truck, 11 bins and a baby on her hip PV Waste Solutions began providing disposal bins to residential do-it-yourselfers and general contractors with driveway friendly bins.  Fast forward 5 years later and the babies are in school (woohoo!) and Karen is now dispatching and coordinating 4 trucks, 85 bins, a scrap metal recycling operation, and a soil remediation/compost farm.  Karen is not only dedicated to providing outstanding customer service, she is also a compassionate supporter of environmental education and community outreach.  Karen is a certified Compost Facility Operator (Compost Council of Canada), Master Composter and is also training to be a certified Waste Auditor.  Contact Karen at pvdisposal@sasktel.net.


TrevorTrevor Isaak- Manager- B.E.S.T Facility

Trevor is the  managing supervisor  at the landfarm and compost facility.  He really is the guy with all the answers and the guy that people truly love to deal with.  Trevor understands all aspects of the soil remediation and compost facility and is one the best equipment operators out there.   We truly are fortunate that Trevor decided to call PV Waste Solutions his work home.  Trevor is an advocate of all things environmental and is happiest when he is exploringnature and practicing Yoga.  You can reach Trevor at bestlandfarm@sasktel.net or 306-541-8565


Walker Millard pv waste solutionsWalker Millard – Delivery & Fleet Maintenance

Walker came to us from a landscaping company in September of 2013. He, like Justin, had a desire to learn more and do more and has quickly become one of the leaders in our group.  He’s quiet, confident and extremely hard working!  An avid sledder in the winter and fishermen in the summer he feels at home being outdoors.  Walker proudly delivers our disposal bins to our residential and commercial customers and helps to organize the maintenance of our fleet.  Walker recently got his 3A (first try to) and now operates the big trucks.  He’s our very own Billy Big Rigger!



Bob Dowler pv waste solutionsBob Dowler – Bin Rental & Delivery Coordinator (Floor Cleaner Extraordinaire)
Bob is our newest team member and we are so excited to have him join PV Waste Solutions to work along side the team in bin rentals and scrap metal. Bob comes to us with years of outstanding customer service experience (the most important part!) and shares the same passion for environmental issues and community outreach as the rest of the team.  He is a proud father and grandpa and spends most of his spare time hanging out with his clan in the winter and boating at his lake in Ontario in the summer.  Karen was delighted to discover Bob’s obession with a clean floor!  She hasn’t had to pick up the mop yet! Contact Bob at bob.pv@sasktel.net.


   Nancy Hoffman- Accountant

 Nancy is our newest team member at PV Waste Solutions and we couldn’t be happier to have her.   Nancy is a SIAST graduate with her Business Accounting         Diploma   and  has  been apart of our working family in one way or another for over 10 years.  More specifically now full time at PV.  Nancy has two beautiful bouncing boys (three if you include her husband) and like all working parents is trying to find the balance between work and home as she come off her maternity leave and heads back into work life.  We love that we can support her on this journey and are so happy she chose us for this adventure.  You can contact Nancy at nancy.pv@sasktel.net






Michelle Wilda- Scale Operator

Michelle is the scale operator at the landfarm and the smiling face you see when your cross our scales. Michelle knows from personal experience that a smile and a wee bit of laughter goes a long way.  She was diagnosed with MS 15 years ago and has been an MS Advocate ever since.    Michelle has been with PV Waste Solutions for a little over a year and in this time has helped to organize and simplify the reporting procedures and the incoming/outgoing paperwork (boy there’s a lot!)  We don’t know what we’d do without her!  You can reach Michelle at michelle.pv@sasktel.net or 306-746-7005




Steven Barabas- Delivery & Fleet Maintenance                       Steven

Steven is currently training to get his 3A license at PV Waste Solutions.  Until then he operates our smaller one ton trucks delivering disposals bin throughout the City of Regina.  Steven was born and raised in Tg-Mures, Romania and moved to Regina 3 years ago with his family.  He is proud to call Regina home and soon will be joined by his beautiful bride of 7 months, Daniela.   After graduating High School Steven spent 4 years at an English Language School in Romania and is happy to be here pursuing his dreams.


Csaba  Csaba Barabas- Delivery & Fleet Maintenance 

Csaba also comes from Tg-Mures, Romania and moved here with his family (Steven is his son) three years ago.  Before coming to Canada Csaba was a successful antique dealer  and professional soccer player (how cool is that) in Tg-Mures.  He moved his family of four to Regina and recently told us that Regina officially feels like home to him.   Csaba is a dedicated employee who always goes that extra mile to get the job done.  He’s our go to guy when bins need to be moved outside the Monday to Friday 8-5 work hours and is always happy to do so.   We’re happy that Csaba found his way not only to Regina but to PV Waste Solutions.



IMG_1453Barrett Stang- Soil Remediation- Compost Operations-Community Environmental Education

Barrett just graduated from Lakeland College with his  Bachelor of Applied Science, Environmental Management Degree.  We were lucky enough to have Barrett do his 8 month practicum with us and we  liked him so much we decided to keep him.   Barrett is now a Certified Compost Facility Operator and a recently certified Master Composter.   Barrett  has proven to be a energetic, easy going, hard working member of our team.   In his spare time he plays hockey, squash and anything  sports related. You can contact Barrett at barrett.pv@sasktel.net or 306-536-0441.