Snow Melts – Garbage Doesn’t


Snow Melts – Garbage Doesn’t

Needless to say I am so happy that spring is finally here.  Every year when winter ends I wonder how I will get through another one, but somehow (wine) we all do.  Now that the snow has melted and the blanket that once covered your crap is gone it’s time to get to that spring cleaning.   We can all see your junk!


Why not rent a PV Waste Solutions driveway-friendly bin to help you quickly get rid of everything that rotted beneath that blanket of snow? The cracked sled, the broken shovel, the dead plants, the ten bags of leaves from last year and – if your house is like mine – the missing half of all the other mittens you threw away.  While you’re at it clean out the garage, the basement and the front closet.  All in one day!  I can hear that sigh and the beer cracking already. Garbage bins regina 3 You deserve this one!



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