Save the Date- Vermicompost Workshop


Save the Date- Vermicompost Workshop

PV Waste Solutions is excited to announce it’s latest workshop for the composting enthusiast and environmental educators!  We will begin providing Vermicompost Workshops at our facility in March of 2016.  This 3.5 hour workshop will give you in depth insight into vermiculture and composting.  Participants will not only learn how to vermicompost ( compost with worms) but why it is so important in today’s ever changing environment.  This is your opportunity to learn more about diverting your own household waste and how  your family can make a difference by reducing your carbon footprint and by feeding our soils.  At PV Waste Solution we pride ourselves on not only our outstanding customer service (seriously give us a try!) but our initiatives in waste diversion and composting.  We are  Master Composter’s and  Certified Compost Facility Operator’s.  We have attended the worlds’ only Vermiculture Conference at the North Caroline State University and have attended workshops for vermicomposting in California.  PV Waste Solutions has the only industrial sized vermicomposting system and we compost all the leaf and yard waste from the City of Regina Leaf and Yard Waste depots and eager residents wanting to dispose of their organic material responsibly.  We want you jump aboard this exciting train and become a part of a solution towards climate change and sustainable living.   Call 306-522-7770 or email to register or find out more.


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