Wood Pallets and Asphalt Shingle Recycling


Wood Pallets and Asphalt Shingle Recycling

Introducing  our Beast Bandit 3680 TAW Recycler.   PV Waste Solutions is excited to announce the arrival of this big guy and Dave (our head honcho) couldn’t be more proud.  Keep in mind Dave loves his equipment like a woman loves shoes. We’ve been told there are only 7 other Beast Recyclers in Canada and we’re pretty happy this talented piece of machinery is here to help recycle asphalt shingles, wood pallets, and drywall to name a few.  We use these materials throughout our compost and soil remediation processes and are busy working on more items to recycle and different applications for use.  PV Waste Solutions is always working on sustainable solutions for waste management and provide environmental education programs for elementary schools (check out our Clean Earth Warrior Program) and provide presentations on Waste Reduction and Composting.  Want to learn more?  Give Karen a call at 306-522-7770 and she can help fill you in on why #orangeisthenewgreen.Garbage bin Regina


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