Composting with K&D Truck Parts


Composting with K&D Truck Parts

As many of you may already know, everyone at PV Waste Solutions wants to make a huge impact on our environment. One of the ways we do this is through composting yard waste at our soil bioremediation and compost facility at the BEST Land Farm. We also compost  food scraps collected from our homes and around the office in our huge Worm Farm.


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K&D Truck Parts collects their food scraps to be composted in our Worm Farm!

One of our favorite ways to make an impact is to help others send their waste to a better place. And we’ve started with K&D Truck Parts! K&D now has a food scraps collection container in their office. They will be collecting apple cores, banana peels, orange rinds, and other fruit and vegetable wastes. Each week PV will collect it and feed it to our Worm Farm. Way to go K&D! Thanks for diverting your organic waste from the landfill and for helping us to recycle it into nutrient-rich worm poo!


We would like to consider collecting food scraps from other businesses and restaurants in the near future. If this is something your business would be interested in, please let us know at


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