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About Us

PV Waste Solutions can provide you with a disposal solution to help you tackle what’s important - getting the job done! Give us a call and we’ll help find the disposal solution that fits both your job and your pocketbook.
PV Waste Solutions is a family owned and operated disposal company servicing Regina and surrounding area since 2009.

From disposal bin rentals and scrap metal recycling to soil remediation and composting, PV Waste Solutions knows how to dispose of your waste. With a focus on customer service, our team adds a personal touch to your waste disposal experience. We also pride ourselves on our commitment to the environment, the community and our customers. A number of our programs focus on diverting household and commercial waste from the landfill and ensuring it is recycled. We recycle scrap metal from a number of Regina businesses; accept yard waste to recycle into nutrient-rich compost; and reach out to schools and community groups to provide environmental education programs.

Call-text-email-tweet, whatever works for you and we’ll help you dispose of your waste. PV is available 7 days a week to answer any questions you may have and provide you with the service you need. Give us a call and we’ll help find the disposal solution that fits both your job and your pocketbook.

Disposal Services

We provide a range of disposal bin sizes for both residential and commercial needs. From a general clean-up to a total renovation, PV Waste Solutions can provide you with a disposal solution to help you tackle what’s important — getting the job done!

Scrap Metal Recycling

We provide scrap metal recycling services to residential and commercial customers in Regina and Southern Saskatchewan. Scrap metal can be collected through our disposal bin service, our flat-deck and low-bed collection service, or dropped off free of charge at PV Waste Solutions.

Soil & Organics

We operate Regina’s only soil bio-remediation and compost facility. Contaminated soils are treated in our specially designed treatment cells. Leaves, grass clippings, shrub trimmings and other yard wastes are responsibly recycled into nutrient-rich compost.

In Our Community

We are committed to ensuring the sustainability of our environment and community. We offer waste reduction events to ensure waste is diverted from the landfill and recycled. We also offer environmental education programs to schools and local groups.

Commercial Bin Rentals

At PV Waste Solutions we have friendly staff and customized disposal solutions for your business.

Why pay more than you have to? Let us provide you with a quote for your disposal needs. Our bins range in size from 9 yards to 20 yards and are ideal for all commercial requirements. No contracts, no fuel surcharges, no surprises. One easy to manage fee that you can fit into your budget. From a long-term rental to a one-day bin requirement, we’ll help you find a simple, efficient, reliable and cost-effective solution.

Organic Collection

You Asked for it, and We’re Going to Deliver

Regina, you’ve been asking and we’re ready to deliver… or should we say pick up. Ha! Beginning May 1, 2016 our team of Waste Diversion Specialists will be rolling out (no pun intended) our curbside organic collection program. We’ve been composting leaf and yard waste through the City of Regina depot programs for years and are now ready to expand our operation and provide the City of Regina residents and business with an opportunity to live and act a little greener. Our organic collections program is specifically designed to meet the needs of our growing city. Much like your backyard compost bin but a bit bigger and a whole lot better.

We’ll Equip You With Everything You Need

You will be provided with a kitchen food waste container, a 4-gallon curbside bin and one years’ supply of compostable bags/liners for your bins.

Kitchen Container
Put your kitchen waste container in a convenient place. Some people keep it on their kitchen counter while others prefer under the sink. Place your compostable liner bag (supplied) inside the container. Empty your food waste directly in to the liner bag. When the liner bag is full tie it closed and place it in your curbside pick up bin.

Curbside Bin
The 4-gallon curbside green bin should be used to store food waste from the kitchen container and will be set on your front step for weekly collection. Store the curbside green bin in a convenient location. You will line the bin with the liner provided. The liner/bag will be collected from your bin on pick up day. If you have an extra bag/liner full of food waste please leave that beside curbside container. On collection day lock the lid and place the green bin and its contents on the step/front door area by 8:00 am.

Place These Items in Your Green Bin

Do Not Place These Items in Your Green Bin

Aluminum foil, baby wipes, bandages, clothing/textiles, coffee cups (unless marked compostable), diapers, hygiene products, glass, gum, kitty litter, metal, oils, pet waste, plastic bags, or twist ties


In nature, nothing is wasted. Everything is returned to the soil through nature’s recycling process — composting.

Compost is the end product of a natural process that reduces organic waste to humus. Compost contains plant nutrients, soil microbes and organic fibre for building healthy soil. Up to 30% of the garbage produced in Regina households is leaf and yard waste that can be diverted from the landfill and recycled into nutrient-rich compost. Imagine one third less waste to lug to the curb for collection!

Composting at PV

PV Waste Solutions accepts organic food waste (see list below) , leaf and yard waste and clean biodegradable waste from construction and demolition operations from commercial haulers and residents. All organic materials are piled into long rows (windrows) and composted at our soil bio-remediation and compost site. These windrows reach temperatures of 55 degrees celsius and higher (PFRP Process) and are turned periodically to improve porosity and oxygen content, mix in or remove moisture, and redistribute cooler and hotter portions of the pile.
Contact us here : https://www.broyeurs-vegetaux.com

Our finished compost is tested on a regular basis and we have consistently produced Category “A” Compost. We are members of both the Compost Council of Canada and the Compost Quality Alliance. Our compost can be added to your yards and gardens and provide a number of environmental benefits. See “Benefits of Composting” below to learn why composting our organic waste is a vital component of preserving and protecting our environment.

Commercial Haulers

PV Waste Solutions accepts organic food waste from restaurants ,grocery stores, offices and City of Regina residents through our curbside collection program. We also accept yard waste from local landscaping service providers, City of Regina Leaf and Yard Waste Depots, as well as construction and demolition waste from commercial haulers. Acceptable organic waste materials can be found in the list of residential materials below. Construction and demolition materials that may be accepted for composting include clean wood waste, wood pallets, drywall ,and cardboard.

Residential Leaf & Yard Waste

Yard waste from the City of Regina depot program.

PV has cultivated several relationships over the years to ensure leaf and yard waste is diverted from the landfill and recycled at our compost facility. We partner with the City of Regina to compost the yard waste collected from the City’s Leaf & Yard Waste Depots each spring and fall. We also partner with local companies and community gardens wishing to divert their organic waste. Recently we have started working with grocery stores and restaurants helping them reach their sustainability goals.

We also accept residential leaf and yard waste at our Bioremediation & Compost Facility located a few kilometers west of Regina at the BEST Landfarm. Choosing PV will allow you to avoid the long line-up at the landfill and ensure that your yard waste will be used to create something that benefits our environment — compost!

Acceptable Materials

Unacceptable Materials


PV’s large scale vermicomposting unit. We’re worm farmers!

“Vermi” is the Latin word for worm. Vermicomposting is the process of composting food scraps using red wiggler worms that can eat and expel close to their own weight every day. The worms work in partnership with fungi, bacteria and other microbes to breakdown food scraps into worm casting or worm “poop” – the most nutrient-rich compost there is!

PV Waste Solutions has recently purchased a large scale vermicomposting unit and will begin composting food waste and farming red wiggler worms in the New Year.

PV also operates our Clean Earth Warriors program to work with Regina schools to bring small scale vermicompost bins into classrooms. Check out the In Our Community – Environmental Education page to find out more about this program.

Benefits of Composting

Soil Remediation

Our commitment to fostering a sustainable environment includes restoring our soils.

PV Waste Solutions operates a soil bio-remediation facility located 6 km west of Regina at the BEST Land Farm. Our facility is authorized through permits from Saskatchewan Environment to accept and treat contaminated soils in specially designed treatment cells. The mission of PV Waste Solutions is to serve the industry in Regina and surrounding areas through a locally owned and operated company that provides value and efficiency in the remediation of all impacted soils.

Soil Remediation Treatment Technology

We utilize landfarming and bioremediation treatment technologies to remediate hydrocarbon contaminated soils delivered to our facility. Our treatment process uses naturally occurring microorganisms (fungi and/or bacteria) to break down, or degrade, hazardous substances into less toxic or nontoxic substances. Soil normally contains large numbers of diverse microorganisms including bacteria, algae, fungi, protozoa, and actinomycetes. Microorganisms eat and digest organic substances for nutrients and energy. In chemical terms, “organic” compounds are those that contain carbon and hydrogen atoms. Certain microorganisms can digest organic substances such as fuels or solvents and break down the organic contaminants into harmless products — mainly carbon dioxide and water.

Residential Bin Rentals

We have specially designed driveway-friendly bins that make your renovation or clean up easy!

Our team prides itself on going the extra mile. Need advice? Not sure what size to rent or where you can place the bin? Check out our suggestions below or call us and we’ll go through bin sizes and placement with you. We will make sure your disposal bin is exactly what you need.

All of our bins are walk-in bins with a swing out gate. Bins must be loaded to level load only. Objects sticking out of and over bin can rip the automatic tarper and/or fall out of bin during transportation.

What size of bin will I need?

20-YARD BINpv waste solutions, disposal bin rental regina, diposal bins regina, garbage bins regina

16ft x 8ft x 6ft (about 8 pickup truck loads)

Great for:

single garage demolition full house renovation and much more


11ft x 8ft x 5ft (about 6 pickup truck loads)disposal bins regina, pv waste solutions

Great for:

kitchen or basement demolition and/or renovation full house de-clutter estate move shingles (over 60 bundles) and much more


10ft x 4ft x 5ft (about 5 pickup truck loads)disposal bins regina, pv waste solutions

Great for:

bathroom or bedroom renovation small kitchen renovation shingles (under 60 bundles) yard clean-up garage de-clutter and much more pv disposal, pv waste solutions, bin rentals, disposal bins


10ft x 5ft x 2.5ft (about 3.5 pickup truck loads)disposal bins regina, pv waste solutions

Great for:

sidewalk or back patio removal landscaping jobs

pv disposal, pv waste solutions, bin rentals, disposal bins


hazardous goods tires

Environmental Education

Clean Earth Warriors Program Brings Vermicomposting to Regina Classrooms

Our first program is focused on creating Clean Earth Warriors in our schools by partnering with teachers and classrooms in Regina schools to compost organic waste (food scraps) from school lunches. In elementary school we learn about the basic principles of biodegradability, soil science, resource conservation, and recycling, as well as how nature recycles via the life cycle: life, death, decay, and re-birth. Therefore, integrating a compost bin into lessons is a great hands-on way to teach children not only about life cycles, but also about waste, recycling and landfills. It also teaches children how they can make a smaller footprint on our Earth. Hopefully they will also bring this knowledge home and teach their parents how easy it is to compost.

PV Waste Solutions will provide everything you need to stop sending food scraps to the landfill and start composting it in your classroom. We will visit your class and provide a vermicompost bin with bedding materials and worms, a container to collect lunch food scraps, a garden spade to dig around in your bin, a brief presentation for your students, educational composting colouring books, and full instructions for you. We will also provide follow-up in case you need help with your bin. We hope this program will encourage students to recycle their organic waste and become Clean Earth Warriors! We also hope to encourage healthy eating by asking kids to bring fruits and vegetables for snack-time and lunch.In addition, all of this comes at no cost to the teacher. Our classroom program is funded through our scrap metal recycling partners which include individuals and business like Kramer Ltd, Industrial Parts, K&D Truck Parts and Jay’s Moving and Storage. You can also donate to our Clean Earth Warrior Program by simply dropping off your unwanted household scrap metal at our facility. Not only are you contributing to our Clean Earth Warrior Program your also diverting waste from the landfill.

Classrooms in the following schools have received vermicompost bins: